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High-Quality Diaper Bag NEW 2018 DESIGN

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Do you remember the days of carrying 2 or more Bags just for you and your Baby's needs? These Days are gone because now our Handmade Diaper Bag with the new Design of 2018 offers enough space for both of you.


  • Never Have to carry 2 Bags again
  • Handmade
  • Its stylish and offers lots of space for you and all of your baby's needs
  • Only made out of High-Quality Materials
  • Made out of waterproof oxford fabric

I was walking in my city and noticed 3 mothers on the way to a playground next to my house. Even though anyone had just one young child each of them carried 2 Backpacks with them PLUS their stroller. They told me they couldn´t fit anything they need for their kids in just one bag and that there was no proper solution for their problem! That´s when we had the idea to make our "High-Quality Diaper Bag" available to all mothers. Check our solution for a very common problem! 

Because finally you and your Baby can use the same Bag, without having any storage problems.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

The Bag arrived after only 5 days and looks even better than I expected!


Good quality item, looks as good as higher priced versions. Only small gripe is that stitching of inner pockets comes away after regular use, 3 months, rendering the pocket unusable. But looks good and feels good as a whole. Had this item for a little while now and overall it's been great, but recently the interior pocket stitching has started to come away. The pockets haven't been packed full, the first one that the stitching came away from has only ever held a baby brush. Shame because the bag has been great and it's let down from something minor due to poor stitching.


Love it for my baby girl nice and big and a lot of room for all my needs


The shipping took a bit long (exactly a month) but that was expected from China to Canada. It's very beautiful and I am thrilled with the overall design and practicality with all the compartment pockets. I was afraid it was going to be too big based on what I've seen from photos but I find the size just perfect for me. You can't beat this price either for the quality. Even hubby finds it more practical than our previous duffel-like diaper bag and so much lighter in weight. Very pleased with this purchase!


Good quality. Ship fast. Delivery fast. Very good deal